Pet owners cannot always adjust their schedules to meet the needs of pets' appointments, such as grooming, vet, boarding, etc. Busy work and family schedules can wreak havoc on fitting in our furry family's needs.


House of Paws Pet Taxi takes the worry out of juggling your day to get to  your pets' appointments!

Do you have loved ones who have pets but cannot drive?

House of Paws Pet Taxi is the solution...your loved one

maintains the independence of having their cherished

companion without depending on others to drive them to

necessary appointments.



How does House of Paws Pet Taxi work?

We pick up and securely transport your dog or cat to his/her appointment.  

The Taxi has a built-in kennel or you can supply your own.  


House of Paws Pet Taxi drops off your pet at the appointment and either returns to pick them up or waits during the appointment (see Rates).


Your pet is then returned home.  If you are not home, we make sure he or she has pottied and is comfortable before we leave.  













"Your Pet's Designated Driver"